Richard Egielski
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IT HAPPENED IN PINSK by Arthur Yorinks (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1983) *2
THE CHOCOLATE BOOK selected by Michael Patrick Hearn (Caedmon 1983)
LOWER! HIGHER! YOU’RE A LIAR! by Miriam Chaiken (Harper and Row 1984)
THE LITTLE FATHER by Gelett Burgess (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1985)
AMY’S EYES by Richard Kennedy (Harper and Row 1985)
HEY, AL by Arthur Yorinks (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1986) *3
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UGH by Arthur Yorinks (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1990)
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CALL ME ANIGHITO by Pam Conrad (Harper/Collins 1995)
BUZ by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 1995) *4
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PERFECT PANCAKES, IF YOU PLEASE by William Wise (Dial 1997)
THE GINGERBREAD BOY by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 1997)
JAZPER by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 1998) *5
ONE PRESENT FROM FLEKMAN’S by Alan Arkin (Harper/Collins 1999)
THE TUB PEOPLE’S CHRISTMAS by Pam Conrad (Harper Collins 1999)
3 MAGIC BALLS by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 2000) *6
THE WEB FILES by Margie Palatini (Hyperion 2001) *7
LOCUST POCUS by Douglas McKelvey (Philomel 2001)
SLIM AND JIM by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 2002)
THE FIERCE YELLOW PUMPKIN by Margaret Wise Brown (Harper/Collins 2003)
THE SMALL WORLD OF BINKY BRAVERMAN by Rosemary Wells (Viking 2003)
LIBERTY’S JOURNEY  by Kelly DiPucchio (Hyperion 2004) *8
SAINT FRANCIS AND THE WOLF by Richard Egielski (Harper/Collins 2005) *9
THE THREE FRENCH HENS by Margie Palantini (Hyperion 2005) *10
THE END by David La Rochelle (A.Levine/Scholastic 2007)
THE WHISTLE ON THE TRAIN by Magaret McNamarra (Hyperion 2008)
WHAT A TRIP by Arthur Yorinks (MdC/Scholastic 2008)
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GUMPTION by Elise Broach (Atheneum 2010)
CAPTAIN SKY BLUE by Richard Egielski (MdC/Scholastic 2010)
THE SLEEPLESS LITTLE VAMPIRE by Richard Egielski (A.Levine/Scholastic 2011)
THE ITSY BITSY SPIDER—a pop-up book (Atheneum 2012)

Work Featured In

WRITING WITH PICTURES by Uri Shulevitz (Watson-Guptill Publications 1985)
CALDECOTT & CO. by Maurice Sendak (MdC/FSG 1988)
(Times Books 1988)
FOR OUR CHILDREN A book to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation (Disney Press 1991)
TALKING WITH ARTISTS by Pat Cummings (Bradbury Press 1992)
CHILDREN’S BOOK  ILLUSTRATION AND DESIGN By Julie Cummins (Library of  Applied Design 1992)
HOME   A Collaboration of Thirty Distinguished Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Books to Aid the Homeless (A Charlotte Zolotow Book, An Imprint of HarperCollins 1992)
MYTH, MAGIC, AND MYSTERY- ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF AMERICAN CHILDREN’S BOOK ILLUSTRATION by Michael Patrick Hearn, Trinkett Clark and Nichols B. Clark ( Roberts Rinehart Publishers 1996)
20TH CENTURY CHILDREN’S BOOK  TREASURY by Janet Schulman (Knopf 1998)
WINGS OF AN ARTIST Children’s Book Illustrators Talk About Their Art (Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers 1999)
OZ The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration (Books of Wonder HarperCollins Publishers 2000)
SIDE BY SIDE Five Favorite Picture-Book Teams Go To Work by Leonard S. Marcus (Walker & Company 2001)
THE ART OF READING: Reading Is Fundamental (Dutton 2005)

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